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About Us

Do you know the annoying feeling, when your new 200 Euro goggles already have a scratch after the second day of skiing? We knew it only too well. And that’s why one evening we came up with the idea to change something. Here you can read what we did exactly. 


The Story

A lot of things get more expensive every year, especially in our favorite sport, skiing. Lift tickets, new clothes, good Powderskis and above all good ski goggles experience price increases every year.

We try to ski as much as possible and even skip lectures if the powder is great (frankly, who doesn’t). However, due to the amount of days we spent on the mountains, a lot of ski goggles were damaged in the past and needed to be replaced on a regular basis. This was a very painful undertaking for our already heavily strained student budget.

The costs made our love for freeriding difficult and we decided to find a solution. After a lot of research and discussions with experts, we noticed that the way products reach us through retailers, wholesalers as well as traditional marketing costs of large corporations, artificially increase the price of products. We saw potential to make the distribution channel leaner and thereby transform the market for ski goggles.


business-model-naked-opticsAfter weighing the risks and opportunities for a while, we finally decided in 2013 to bring our vision about design and quality for sports eyewear to life and start our own company. The first test models had to survive an entire season with several state-certified ski instructors (Philipp is one himself), before the first order at the manufacturer was placed in the summer of 2014 and the first batch of NAKED goggles was delivered to our shared student flat about 2 months later.

As a real startup, the student flat was used to store the goggles and were sold through our first online shop with a “close to zero” marketing budget. Nevertheless, we were sold out pretty fast and the daily commute to the post office before the lectures at university was one of our greatest pleasures. Meanwhile, we already delivered several thousand goggles to happy customers and are very proud of our small but excellent NAKED family, which share their best moments on snow with us.

Of course, you are probably still wondering: “Why NAKED?”. Here we prefer that you keep and use your own imagination and just want to add that: “Good things happen when you are NAKED.”


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