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What is the CO2RE® material exactly?

NAKED Optics has set the goal of producing all our eyewear based on sustainable plastic by 2025 without abstain from our high-quality standards and the long lifetime circle of our products. The whole NAKED team enjoys being outside in the nature – whether in the mountains, in the forest or in the water. That is the reason why it is very important for us to make a sustainable contribution. Furthermore, our long-term goal is to minimize our ecological footprint. This winter season we are starting to introduce the new CO2RE® material in our range.

CO2RE®: What are the elements of the plastic?

The formation of the innovative material is a combination of the petroleum-based plastic and of renewable raw materials based on plants. Our ski goggles The STORM is the first product in the NAKED Optics range which consists of the innovative plastic. The CO2RE® content is 25%. At the moment we are still testing the material together with our athletes and ski instructors in order to increase the individual formation every year. In spring 2021 we will be excited to introduce the next sports glasses with a CO2RE® content of 50% in our product range.

What are the benefits of the new material formation?

The idea behind the CO2RE® material is to use renewable raw materials as a base instead of conventional petroleum-based plastics for producing our sports glasses. The benefits of using renewable resources in comparison to petroleum-based plastics is that there will not be new CO2 is released into the atmosphere. This is because plants take the CO2 from the air first and use it to grow (keyword photosynthesis). It is a huge benefit especially when talking about disposing old products which are often burned in waste incineration plants. It is such a big advantage because no fresh CO2 is emitted in the atmosphere. This is the reason why our CO2RE® stands for "Carbon-Dioxide Recirculated Material".

How will the raw materials be gained?

In fact, any plant can be used as a raw material for oil extraction. NAKED Optics has chosen the non-eatable castor bean. It is a very fast growing and widespread plant species. During the process of the photosynthesis, the plant absorbs sunlight, CO2 and H2O and then releases oxygen and carbon. Afterwards the chestnut-like (non-eatable) fruits will be served as the raw material for the oil extraction of the plastic.

The exact process is described in the graphic below.


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