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The Future is now: Goals Until 2025

The best way to predict your future is to create it (Abraham Lincoln)– This is something very important for NAKED Optics and the whole team. That is the reason why we are very excited to share our goals and projects until 2025 with you. We love to be in nature – no matter if on the mountain, in the forest or on the water and still want to be outside in the future. Therefore, we would like to give something back and minimize our ecological footprint. Get ready for our new projects.

  1. Innovative material mixture CO2RE® based on renewable resources
  2. Trade-In-Program for old snowboard and ski goggles
  3. Savings in packaging material

What is the ideal behind the material mixture CO2RE®

The innovative material mixture CO2RE® is a combination of the conventional petroleum-based plastic and renewable raw materials of plant origin. The idea behind
CO2RE® is to produce all our sports glasses and goggles with sustainable biologically based plastic by 2025. Also, with the innovative material mixture we can reduce the pollution of
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You can find more information about the material CO2RE®and the extraction of the non-eatable castor bean on our blog.

NAKED Optics Insider Tip: The STORM is our first product with 25% of the material mix. You better get your own one now goggles.

NAKED Optics Trade-In-Program

Unfortunately, many products are still not recycled or disposed properly. The team has looked into the issue of disposal of different materials. This is the idea behind the Trade-In- Program. It is as simple as it sounds: Starting this season you can send us your old snowboard or ski goggles. We will check the function of the product. If it is still workable, we will donate the eyewear. Otherwise we will dismantle them into the individual parts, recycle reusable elements and dispose of the rest correctly. In return you will receive either a glass for free or a -20% discount for your next order. This means by returning your old goggles you will become part of the NAKED Optics Community.

Savings in packaging material

In case you own a NAKED Optics eyewear already you may know that the scope of delivery includes a case in order to save packaging material. The case not only protects your sports glasses from dirt and scratches, but also extend the lifetime of the product through proper storage. In addition, unnecessary waste is also avoided. We will develop the concept with the cases in order to safe even more packaging material in the future.

Because There Is No Planet B

NAKED Optics is passionate about new ideas and changes. That is the reason why we are more than excited to introduce our Trade-In-Program and the material mixture CO2RE® this season. Stay tuned for more!

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