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Stevie Schneider: What is he doing in the Off-Season?

The man – the myth – the legend: Stevefuckingschneider. MTB enthusiasts and friends of honest Instagram content know the face. Stevie Schneider and his bike probably embody the most real love story in whole Salzburg. In summer, not a day goes by without his bike - whether in the park, on the pump track or in his garden. The only question is: What is Stevie Schneider actually doing during the cold months? The NAKED Optics team visited him and got some very special and private insights for you.

String-Hoff for a strong body and mind
Fresh air is important - especially in winter. Stevie Schneider knows that and has brought a new routine into his everyday life: The String-Hoff-Monday. That means that he is going into the cold water for a few minutes. This not only clears your head, but also strengthens your immune system. Now you may think, "Into icy water...isn't that cold?" You're right! In order to handle the cold temperatures well, Stevie Schneider combines String-Hoff Monday with the Wim Hof method. Here you can read more about the method, the idea behind it and how it works:


Family-Time with Sauga
He is alive! Many Stevie Schneider fans have probably wondered if he still exists at all. The answer is: YES! During the off-season, Stevie Schneider spends time with Sauga and recharges his batteries with his faithful companion. Family time is quality time.


Good Food – Good People – Good Time
Perhaps just a few people know about Stevie Schneider’s second passion besides biking: Cooking. Stevie doesn't have a particular favorite food, but he is really into the Asian cuisine. He also particularly enjoys cooking for friends. Stevefuckingschneider enjoys when he can prepare something delicious for others and spend quality time with his friends. It always tastes even better with friends. Well, good vibes only.


May the Flow be with you
2020 was an exciting year for Stevie Schneider. Together with Die Hanf Brüder he developed and launched Flow Drops. This is a water-soluble nano hemp extract. The hemp oil contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant and provides a very good effect due to the patented nano technology. Another highlight of the product is the local reference: The Flow Drops are designed in Austria, packed in Bavarian cardboard boxes and filled up in Austrian bottles. You can find more information about the product and The Flow Drops ere:


Stevie Schneider has a lot to do during his off-season. In the second part of our home story you will read more private insights. Stay tuned guys. P.S.: Do you already know our multifunctional glasses The FALCON? It completes the ultimate Stevie Schneider style.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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