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Ski touring: What do I need to know?

The hype around ski touring determines the free time of many sports enthusiasts in the cold months. The excitement behind the sport is for example spending time in a breathtaking winter surrounding, riding down far away from the hustle on the slopes and being independent from the gondolas and ski lifts. However, trying a new kind of sports includes some questions as well. In the first blog article of a ski touring series, we have summarized the most important points you should know before starting the first ski tour.

Fascination ski touring: Am I ready for my first tour?

Before you start your first ski tour you should consider one thing above all - You have to be in the right physical condition. This means that in addition to health, you also need a good level of endurance. Shorter tours can be tough due to the incline as well. After the tour to the top of the mountain you have to be able to ski down the slopes. Therefore, it is essential to have well skiing skills. Skiing down in difficult conditions and circumstances will demand a lot of power. That is the reason why you should never underestimate the downhill run after reaching the summit.

How should I plan my first ski tour?

Especially as a beginner it is important that you choose a suitable tour. There is one thing in particular you should keep in mind: Noexhaustion. Many sports enthusiasts tend to waste the whole energy right away on the first tour. As a beginner you should start slowly and get a good feeling for the slopes and the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to do the first ascents at the edge of the slopes. So, the first ski tours should rather be on highlighted slopes instead of the open country. More information concerning the first ski tour can be found here:

Moreover, you should have a ski touring partner with you at the beginning. Whether it is an experienced friend or even a guided ski touring group - In order to get to know the equipment and the sport, you should not set off alone.

You can find more information about ski touring courses for beginners in Austria with the following link:

Straight form the slopes to the open country: Be patient

Ski touring requires a lot of practice and above all experience. The first tours are a slow process. First you need to get the right feeling for the material and the right technique. Afterwards you can choose more demanding routes and make tracks in the open country. However, in the beginning you need a lot of patience. No worries – The patience definitely pays off. After the first leaning units you can get ready for exciting hours in the mountains.

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Credits: Markus Trattner

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