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Proper ski touring equipment

Ski touring has become one of the popular winter sports in the last few years. The attraction behind the sport: Hiking up the mountain without using any lift or gondola. Very important for a successful ski tour: The adequate touring equipment. It depends on various factors: season, weather conditions or the duration. In the second blog article of our ski touring series we focused on the most important ski touring components. In our first blog article you can red some information concerning your first ski tour.

Touring skis

Like in every other sport the material is very important. Touring skis are not the same as alpine downhill skis. In general, there are a few different models. Some are suitable for ascents and some for descents. Regardless of the model, the touring ski should be long enough. Furthermore, the weight plays an essential role. Basically, the lighter the ski, the easier the ascent.

Touring Boots

The touring boots are very different from alpine ski boots as well. However, you need to keep the same in mind for both boots: They need to provide a pleasant wearing comfort. Most kinds have the option of changing from hard to soft. This allows you to adapt yourself to both: Ascents and descents. The touring boots should be tight when you get them. They become bigger during the first few tours.

Ski touring binding

The ski touring binding and the boots need to be a good fit. During the ascent, the binding has one important task: Ensuring the perfect hold. The boots are attached with the toes in the binding. This allows the heel to move vertically even during the ascent. Depending on your personal preferences there are two different binding types: plate binding (rather heavy) and pin binding (rather light).

Ski touring poles

The ski touring poles guarantee stability. That is the reason why they are a very important part of the equipment. They should be light and adjustable. Ski touring poles are around ten centimeters longer than alpine poles. Depending on the tour, the length can vary. Important components of ski touring poles are the large plates and a claw-shaped tip. Those components provide a good grip even in deep snow.

Climbing skins (Ski touring skin)

The climbing skins are an essential part of the equipment. They are glued under the ski before the ascent. It enables the touring skis to be more skidproof. The "snow side" of the skins are made of mohair (fur of the Angora goat) or synthetic. For the perfect grip and hold, the skins are often impregnated, or skin care sprays are used. 

Ski crampons

Crampons are not needed every time but you always need to take them with you. These are fixed under the binding during icy and hard conditions. The ski crampons guarded you from slipping in difficult conditions. They are made of either aluminum or steel. Due to the pointed teeth the hard material is buried in the ground.

One thing you should not miss on your next tour: The FALCON. The multifunctional goggles can be converted into lightweight ski goggles thanks to the goggle upgrade.

Credits: Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

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