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Polarization - Keep the perspective in the mountain

Whenever you look for nice glasses you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Size, foam and silvering – there are a lot of things to consider and there is even more to come. Have you ever heard something about polarized glasses? This kind of glasses is getting more and more popular. Yet very few people know what polarized actually means.


What is the idea of polarized glasses?

Our eyes have to proceed a lot of different reflections and conditions. This doesn’t work well all the time. Some reflections and rays are dazzling and restrict our field of view. This situation happens especially during activities on water or snow. Because of the dazzling the eyes and the retina try to adapt all the time and this can lead to symptoms of fatigue. This means if it gets to bright, we need glasses to protect our eyes. This is where polarized glasses come in. That kind of glasses functions like a polarization filter. The glasses try to weaken the rays in order to proceed the reflections more easily. 


How can polarized glasses protect our eyes?

Just lean back and image this situation: The light sends out rays in all kind of directions. This means it is unpolarized. If unpolarized rays encounters a smooth surface they will be reflected in all kind of directions again – horizontal and vertical. The light is not unpolarized anymore but polarized. Our eyes have a hard time to proceed the rays especially in the vertical direction.
In this situation polarized glasses will function like polarized filter with the aid of a special plastic coating which consists of small crystals. Those crystals are arranged horizontal and just allows horizontal rays to come through. This means that vertical rays are not able to get through the filter but horizontal rays do. The light loses its intensity and becomes weaker due to the filter. In general, the degree of the different reflections depends on the angle. 





When is it not advisable to use polarized glasses?

Of course, polarized glasses should not be use in every kind of situation. For instance, it is harder to read information from the valve in the car or on the motorcycle with polarized glasses. Also, information from LC-displays like wristwatches, GPS-tools and even smartphones will be harder to read.
It is also recommended to be very careful to use that kind of glasses during activities in the snow. For instance, if you wear polarized glasses and decide to do a winter hike it will be hard for your eyes to distinguish the differences on the ground and it can be very dangerous. 


When is it advisable to use polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses become more popular lately as we have already mentioned. The reason why we need polarized glasses is to protect and support our eyes when they have to proceed changing conditions and reflections. There are a lot of different light conditions particularly during activities on the water or on the mountains. It is hard for our eyes to distinguish and notice the contrasts on the ground. However especially during hikes it is important to notice the ground and surface.
In any case, safety comes first. With the aid of polarized glasses colors appear more intense and we are able to see more clearly. Furthermore, our eyes won’t be affected of signs of fatigue that fast. For the perfect view our products SLUSH and Falcon are equipped with polarized glasses. They are an important companion during all kinds of activities in winter but especially summer. 


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