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MTB-Glasses – Buying advice for bikers

The right bike glasses are very important for sports. Why? On the one hand they protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays and flying animals in the air. On the other hand, MTB goggles fulfill a few other functions which you should consider when buying them. Your NAKED Optics crew has listed up the most important facts for you.

The weight of the bike glasses

Light and comfortable - that is what every pair of MTB-glasses should fulfill. Especially when you are doing long rides in the park it is important to concentrate fully on the trails. High-quality and innovative materials, such as the TR 90 material, enable a stable and pleasant wearing comfort even during longer units on the bike.

Glasses and light transmission

A top performance in up- and downhill requires a good view during all conditions. This is guaranteed above all by the system of interchangeable lenses. Those lenses consist of the break-proof material polycarbonate. Changing the lenses helps to adapt yourself perfectly to changing conditions. Depending on the certain external conditions there are different, polarized and unpolarized lenses that can be applied perfectly with the aid of the VLT (visible light transmission). Moreover, when you buy bike glasses, the size of the lenses is also important. The wider the field of vision, the better the angle on the trails.

Individual fit and pleasant wearing

Not every face and head shape are the same. Therefore, it is very important that the MTB goggles can be individually adjusted. For example, adjustable nose pads offer an individual configuration. An elastic and flexible material simplifies the adaption of the temples. Due to the flexibility the temples individually fit to the certain head shape. Retainers also helps to find the perfect fit of your MTB glasses. So, no matter whether enduro or downhill glasses - when buying, make sure that the individual components are individually adjustable.

Compatibility of the MTB-goggles and the helmet

All bike goggles are not always compatible with each helmet. However, it is very important that the MTB goggles fit perfectly on the edge of the helmet. This allows enables the air to circulate better. A comfortable and stable fit without slipping is also important so that no wind gets into the eyes. For your bike glasses purchase you should be aware of the right balance of a high protection (size of the glasses) and the compatibility (height of the glasses).

Individual Application For Enduro And Downhill

Depending on the kind of sports, the functions of the bike glasses are different.

The Team of NAKED Optics has concentrated on the individual requirements and needs of bikers. Our TROOP bike makes the hearts of downhill and slopestyle riders beat faster. Due to the frameless design the bike glasses are also compatible with full-face helmets. The MTB goggles provide a pin change system.

Enduro riders are perfectly equipped with our new sports glasses The FALCON. The bike glasses combine top performance with a unique style. In total eight different parts enable three different setups.

Credits: Mathäus Gartner

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