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Matej Svancer: The Flying Unicorn On Freestyle Skis

NAKED Optics proudly introduces you to our new Olympic Champion. Matej Svancer is a 15-year-old boy from Czech Republic who is happiest when he is on skies and shows some tricks. It’s his second season with NAKED Optics. Whenever he is in the slopes his favorites are the TROOP EVO Flashback and the TROOP EVO Papageil. Besides the skiing he is student at the Skigymnasium Saalfelden where he attends the branch freestyle. At the Youth Olympic Games 2020 in Lausanne he won his first gold medal in the Big Air competition. NAKED Optics asked for you how he motivates himself and which goals he has for the future 


From racing to freestyle: The very beginning

If we go back a few years it didn’t seem like Matej will participate at the Big Air and Slopestyle event at the Youth Olympic Games. At first, he started with Alpine ski racing. It has already been shown quite early that he loves to be on skies and that he enjoys being on the slopes. Even though he had a lot of potential and a good time in alpine skiing, he decided to switch to freestyle skiing. Matej told us during the interview: “I have switched to freestyle skiing because it was more fun for me. The people are calmer in freestyle skiing than alpine skiing and you just have less stress.” 

Matej not only enjoys the calm atmosphere but also learning new tricks in the park with his friends. Learning new tricks is the most challenging part for him in freestyle skiing. If it is a promising one for the next contest, he is even trying really hard, over and over, until it is perfect. 


Up and downs at the Youth Olympic Games

One of his highlights of his young career was the recent participation at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne 2020. During his first Olympic slopestyle event he was able to accomplish the fourth place. Despite the result he was quite disappointed after the competition. “I was really sad after the slopestyle event. After the last jump I fell and couldn’t stand it. I had the same situation at the Youth World Championships. And of course, it is also sad to accomplish the fourth place and miss the medals.” he said. 

Even though he is only 15 years old he is already mentally strong and could fade out his first result. Little did he know that he will be so successful at the Big Air event. Winning the gold medal and being part of the ceremony was a big honor for him. “I was really happy after the Big Air event. It was an awesome day”. For Matej there is only one way on how to enjoy the rest of the day after an exciting event: “After the ceremony I have received a lot of messages, especially on social media. However, I was skiing in the park with my friends. I love that.” he added. 


Matej’s ambitious goals 

Matej is an athlete how is down to earth and just enjoys skiing to the fullest. “My biggest motivation is to be in the park with my friends and trying new tricks. It is also important to have good coaches who support you.” Matej added. When he is thinking about his future, he has a few athletic goals. “When I think about the future, I have a lot of goals. On the one hand I want to ski for Red Bull one day. On the other hand, I would love to participate at the Olympic Winter Games. It will be hard but one day I would like to be part of it” he said. 

He also has ambitious visions off the slopes. As soon as he gets the chance, he would love to go skiing in New Zeeland. Very important for travelling are of course his friends. Some of them are also athletes and part of the competitions. It is way more fun to know that your friends are participating as well he mentioned. 


His secret recipe for success

Besides a lot of training sessions during the season, learning new tricks and jumping around with his friends, Matej has its own personal favorite on the slopes which keeps him pushing. “My favorite dish on the mountain is ham and cheese toast with fries but without any ketchup and mayonnaise” he told us. Well it seems like we need to switch from Schnitzel to a toast as well. Maybe we will gain some superpower and freestyle skills as Matej. 

We wish him all the best for the next events. Follow Matej on his journey on Instagram:


Photo credits: DIDI und Michal Peč


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