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It’s a match! The perfect goggles for your helmet

Who knows this scenario: The helmet is moving around all the time when you want to take a turn on the slopes and the goggles and the helmet are not perfectly compatible anyway? Due to improper compatibility you have a gap on your forehead. This is probably one of the most annoying things which can happen on the slopes. Fun fact: The gap has even its own day called “Gaper Day” on 1st of April. During these festivities the skiers and snowboarders are wearing crazy styles and celebrate the unsexy gap on the forehead. In order to avoid having one of those gaps your NAKED Optics Crew tested the most popular helmets and has some advice for you.


What do I have to consider when I buy a helmet?

If it’s your turn to make the difficult decision which helmet you should get it is important to know your measurements of your head. Yes, we know – this sounds kind of weird but it is as simple as it sounds. Just take a measuring tape and measure the volume of your head. Your head will be thankful. Maybe you have a suitable helmet at home already? Just consider the following points to find out: When wearing your helmet it should not hurt at all and you should not feel any dents. Also, even if your helmet isn’t closed it should not move when you are shaking your head. 



Nowadays a lot of helmets are equipped with MIPS. The letters stand for “Multidirectional Impact Protection System”. This system protects your head in an event of an accident from rotation forces. In comparison to helmets without MIPS, those helmets provide an additional film out of foamed material. This film is moveable. On the one hand your head is protected by the helmet itself and on the other hand the rotation force is reduced by the MIPS. 


Form of the helmet

In general a lot of factors can influence the comfort of the helmet. Even the foam can play an important role. Have you ever heard something about hard-shell-helmets or about In-Mold helmets? Those are the most popular helmets on the market. Hard-shell-helmets have a hard-outer layer which measures around two centimeters. It consists of duroplastic plastics and carbon. Under this layer another layer is placed which is absorbing. This layer consists of compressed foamed-plastic-pellets. A ventilation system arises by the reason of the connected inside and outside layer. Due to this connection the wind flows through the helmet and absorbs the warmth and moisture. Especially racers and free skiers prefer hard-shell helmets. 

The other popular helmets are the In-Mold-helmets. Those helmets have a thin and hard outside layer. That is the reason why those helmets are quite light. Also, the layer is connected with insulating material. Openings on the helmet which you can adjust yourself regulate the aeration. In-Mold-helmets are suitable for long and intense rides on the slopes and help to keep a cool head. 


Those helmets fit with goggles:

When you were lucky and found your perfect helmet you have to make another decision: Which NAKED Optics goggles should I get? In general, we can say that our products are suitable with the most popular helmets. In case the goggles don’t fit you are always able to return them within the deadline for returning goods. However, in order to avoid returning goods your NAKED Optics crew tested the most popular helmets.


The black Giro Trip MIPS helmet is a hard-shell-helmet. It includes removeable ear pads. The helmet is medium sized. Both the black FORCE EVO with blue glasses and our TROOP EVO with the Flashback-Design are suitable for the helmet.  




The second helmet which was part of the test was the Sweet Protection – adult Switcher MIPS Ski/Snowboard. The helmet is size ML. It is also compatible with our TROOP EVO with the PapageiL-Design and our FORCE EVO Melange.  




We also tested the compatibility with the POC Fornix Uni Skihelm. The color is called Lead Blue. It is also medium sized and suitable with our TROOP PapageiL-Design and the FORCE EVO with Design Melange. 




The black model SMITH Holt measures a volume of 59mm. This size is suitable for the TROOP EVO with design PapageiL and the black FORCE EVO with blue glasses. 




The smallest tested helmet was the Uvex adult P1us 2.0-helmet. The volume measures 52-55 mm. Even though this helmet is smaller than the others it is suitable with our TROOP EVO with PapageiL-Design and the black FORCE EVO with blue glasses.




Since there are so many kinds of helmets available we were just able to test five different ones. As you could see our goggles fit perfectly to those brands. In case you are curious if your helmet is compatible with our goggles you should check out the NAKED Optics community. Some of our skiers and snowboarders shared their mountain moments and tell us about their experience with different equipment: #nakedoptics

Now it’s your turn to check out the goggles and have an amazing time on the slopes. 


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