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How to clean your ski and snowboard goggles

Once you have found the right ski goggles or snowboard goggles you want to keep them as long as possible. In order to extend the life of the goggles and to keep the best perspective, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have summarized the most important hints and tricks for you concerning a proper care and cleaning of ski or snowboard goggles. Long live the goggles!

How should I clean my goggles?

When cleaning, you are probably tempted to use special cleaning agents or cloths. However, you should avoid these in any case because they can damage the coating and the glass itself. It is perfectly sufficient to rinse the glass on the outside under warm running water. Afterwards, you can simply shake the ski goggles off briefly. You can also use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Most winter sports goggles are delivered with such a cloth. This means you do not have to buy any special cleaning aids.

Can I use my gloves or tissues for cleaning?

The answer is: No! Handkerchiefs are an absolute No-Go when it comes to cleaning. While it is very tempting to reach for a handkerchief when your goggles are fogged up or damp, you should never do this. Handkerchiefs contain mineral fillers that act like sandpaper on the surface of the glass and damage it. The same applies to gloves or jacket sleeves. These can also cause micro-scratches on the glass. It is therefore very important to avoid using handkerchiefs and clothing when caring for the product.

Do anti-fog sprays help?

Nowadays, it is often advised to use anti-fog sprays to prevent ski goggles from fogging up. However, the fact that the sprays help is not true. The layer can damage the anti-fog coating on the inner lens of the ski goggles. That is the reason why you should never use anti-fog sprays for ski or snowboard goggles, but only for sunglasses and optical glasses. 

How do I remove water drops on the goggles?

Especially when skiing or snowboarding, it is possible that water drops accumulate on the winter sports glasses. You can simply remove the water drops on the outside of the glass with a microfiber cloth or a microfiber bag. Et voilà - You will have a clear view again within seconds.

My ski goggles are fogged up: Can I clean the inside?

The inside of the ski goggles is very sensitive, because it is equipped with an anti-fog coating. Therefore, it is essential to keep the inside of your ski and snowboard goggles clean. Quick wiping and drying can damage the coating. Afterwards the anti-fog protection is no longer guaranteed. If the inside still needs to be cleaned once, then you should only use a microfiber cloth for this. Water drops can be removed with the cloth. Beware of other materials. Gloves have a very rough surface, which damage the coating. The advice applies to the inside of the lens as well: Clean the inside of the lens only in an emergency with a microfiber cloth!
S.O.S: Ski goggles fog up with the face mask. Here you can read how to prevent your goggles to fog up with a face mask.

How should I store ski goggles?

After powder is before powder. That is the reason why storage and product care are just as important as cleaning. In order to have the perfect view on the next time on the slopes, you should let the goggles dry after skiing and snowboarding. As soon as the ski goggles are dry, they can be stored in a case. This is how you protect the goggles from scratches and extend the pleasure.

NAKED Optics Insider Tip: Get a case for spare lenses for the best protection for your exchange lenses.

More questions about protecting your ski goggles?

The lifespan of your NAKED Optics ski goggles is very important to us. In case of uncertainties or questions, you can always contact our customer service:

Credits: Andreas Putz

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