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Cleaning sports glasses: hints & tricks

Once you found the perfect sports glasses for your outdoor activities, they should be usable for as long as possible. Your NAKED Optics Crew has simple hints and tricks for you to extend the life of your sunglasses or sports glasses. You will make your companion almost immortal.

Dry cleaning of sports glasses with the microfiber cloth

Light, comfortable and space-saving: If you are on the move or if cleaning must be done quickly, you should always use a microfiber cloth. The cleaning cloth helps to remove dirt or dry the lens.

Be careful: Do not rub too hard. Otherwise you can damage your lenses!

Cleaning sprays for sports glasses

Recommendation from an optician: Cleaning sprays for glasses You can order a spray either online or just purchase them in your local eye shop. The cleaning sprays are perfect for liquid cleaning when no water is available. Furthermore, spraying is better than wiping for the sports glasses. Wiping can rub the dust particles in the coating.

Regular cleaning and caring for the sports glasses

Above all cleaning methods, using water is still the best option for taking care of the sports glasses. Therefore, you just need lukewarm, running water to remove the dirt. It should neither be too cold nor too hot. It could damage the coating of the lenses. In addition, you can use a ph-neutral soap for cleaning. As soon as the dirt as you have removed the dirt from the dirt you should let them dry. Do not put the sports glasses back in the case right aways. 
NAKED Optics inside tip: When cleaning the sports glasses The FALCON with water you just need to remove the lens from the frame. 


Extending the life of sports glasses: Storage

Whenever you don’t need your sports glasses you should storage them in a case. That is how you can protect the glasses from dirt and scratches. Otherwise just place the glasses on the temples with the lenses facing upwards.

Be careful in the warm season

Especially in summer we need to pay attention when storing the sunglasses. Temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius can damage your sports glasses. That is the reason why you should never leave your sunglasses on the dashboard in your car – no matter if with or without the case. Furthermore, after spending a day on the beach there might be sand and salt deposits on your lenses. In order to protect the sports glasses, you need to clean them afterwards with running water.

Cleaning No-Go’s: Handkerchiefs and clothes

Handkerchiefs might seem useful when you are cleaning your sports glasses. You should never use them though. Handkerchiefs contain mineral fillers and have the same effect as sandpaper when rubbing off the dirt. Moreover, the handkerchiefs absorb the dust and dirt and press the particles into the surface of the glass. 
Furthermore, you should never use your clothes for cleaning your sports glasses. The sleeves can cause micro-scratches. These scratches allow rays to pass through the lenses and impair your vision. Once you have a microfiber scratch on your lenses, you cannot remove them neither form plastic nor from mineral lenses.

Keep the perspective with NAKED Optics sports glasses

These simple tricks will increase the lifetime of your sports glasses. Also, you can extend the view with your NAKED Optics sports glasses. If you have any questions about cleaning and storing the lenses, feel free to contact our customers support:

 Credits: Andreas Putz

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